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ASA Award Scheme

Here at Duck N’ Dive we are proud to be a part of the ASA award scheme, we work closely with the ASA to help ensure that our swimmers get the very best out of their swimming lessons with us. The swimmer journey through aquatics follows the National Plan for Teaching Swimming and results in the development of a wide range of skills. These skills are a jigsaw of pieces and when put together result in a competent, confident and safe swimmer.

Each swimmer when starting with us receives a swimmer journey card which houses the stickers they gain as they move through the programme. This is a keepsake then as a record of their swimming achievements and goes hand in hand with the certificates and badges they gain from doing the stages below:

Swimmer Journey Card Stages (click on the icons for information)

Stage 1

During this stage your child will learn about basic safety awareness, basic movement on front and back as well as water confidence skills through 13 separate parts that make up the stage.

Stage 2

Building on what they have done at stage 1, stage 2 involves further development in safe entries be that twisting in, sliding in or basic jumping in. This stage also underpins a vital skills which are flotation and rotation as well as vital safety skills and of course the most important part of travelling through the water using a range of basic strokes. Aquatic breathing forms a big part of this stage as confident breathing is key to effective, confident swimming.

Stage 3

During stage 3 swimmers will work on further confident submersion under water, further development of the main 3 swimming strokes, breathing, progressive water skills including treading water introduction and further water safety knowledge.

Stage 4

Throughout stage 4 there is a real sense of it ‘all coming together’ the main focus for this award is refining the kick technique phase on each stroke as well as further development of existing skills and introduction of some new more advanced ones. By this stage we are really pushing the swimmers on swimming distances (10m- 25m) showing the correct technique.

Stage 5

Stage 5 pushes forward on complete rotation as well as a keen focus on starts and turns which will be encouraged to become a regular part of all swimming. During stage 5 all strokes are worked on to bring them up to ASA "Basic technique". Stage 5 is also where regular breathing forms part of all strokes which enable swimmers to increase the distances they swim.

Stage 6

This stage incorporates a more in-depth knowledge of water safety, as well as personal survival aspects. The strokes during stage 6 are refined further and swimmers are encouraged to take a more considered approach to the lesson with key focus on warm up and cool down. Games and relay races now make up a fair part of the games focus as this helps build both teamwork and a competitive nature.

Stage 7

The final stage of the NPTS main award scheme; The key focus now is ensuring swimmers are ready for the next steps in their swimming, whether that is moving forward to a swim club/ synchronised swimming club, or as many do move on to the Bronze challenge and rookie lifeguard syllabus.

During stage 7 swimmers will be helped with stroke perfection as well as ensuring they can do at least 100m on all main strokes showing ASA ‘efficient technique’ a 400m swim is also completed several times across this stage to ensure swimmers have a good foundation of stamina.

Following on from the above is Bronze, Silver and Gold award swim challenges, a more direct focus on Rookie Lifeguard work is also brought in at the stage in the learning process.

Bronze Challenge

Once your super swimmer has reached the Bronze challenge there is a greater emphasis on stroke qaulity but more notibley the stamina aspect of swimming is worked on. A 400m swim is also included at this point.

Swimmers will also be taught a wide range of water safety skills at this point as well as recieving work sheets to ensure they are taking it all on. In addtion to the Certificate and cloth badge, a bronze metal pin badge is also awarded as a reward for their efforts.

Silver Challenge

During the silver stage, there are 5 major skills brought in and the distance required raises to 800m, so lots of stroke specific stamina work is continued to be fed in, due to our very small focussed class sizes silver dnd swimmers take part in much of the rookie lifeguard syllabus (lifesaving/ guarding and personal survival aspects) to ensure that they can keep others safe in addition to themselves.

Gold Challenge

During the Gold swimming challenge all of the skills they have been through are brought together during a test when the swimmers are ready. The key highlight of this test is 100m swim in under 2 minutes and the 800m swim now has to be completed in 25 minutes or less. It is always a key milestone moment when we award a Gold award.

Little Ducklings 6 months- 36 months

Little ones work towards ASA duckling levels 1-5. These awards are all about fun, fun and more fun! As well as developing a sense of serenity in water we are also aiming to start the foundations for the strokes at this stage in the process. During these awards the Ducklings will spend time with parent/ guardian in the water.

Ducking Awards


Crash Courses

In addition to the above we also offer Crash courses during almost all school holidays these include:

  • Snorkelling* (giving children chance to learn this fun sport and gain awards in STA snorkelling 1- 3)
  • Rookie lifeguard** Bronze 1,2,3, Silver 1,2,3 and Gold 1,2,3 these awards help ensure that children not only are safe themselves around water but also give them lifelong skills in how to help keep others safe around water, as well as knowing what to do in a wide range of emergencies.
  • *open to swimmers who have completed stage 5 and can swim at least 50m
    **rookie Bronze can be started once children are working on at least stage 6 and are 8 years or older.

For more info on our award scheme or for any questions on where your child may fit in please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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